Bankruptcy Pre Discharge Course: How to Re-establish Your Financial Well


Bankruptcy Pre Discharge Course is a requirement before any bankruptcy case can be discharged. It is a requirement that was set forth in bankruptcy reform law. Online courses are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Upon completion of the program, you will earn a certificate that meets the Bankruptcy Pre-Discharge education requirement as far as the Justice Department is concerned. The average cost for the bankruptcy course is about $50 per household.

Bankruptcy Pre Discharge Course aims to provide individuals who are recovering from bankruptcy the necessary skills to manage finance and be able to re-establish their credit as well as the general financial well-being. This course provides a variety of financial tools necessary to help consumers meet their goals yet avoid rebuilding debts.

bankruptcy pre discharge course

Bankruptcy Pre Discharge Course Enables Consumer Cover Several Topics Including:

  • Setting realistic financial short term as well s long term objectives
  • Understanding one’s credit report
  • Re-establishing or obtaining credit
  • Managing debts
  • Identity Theft prevention
  • Developing as well as following a budget
  • Understanding and also using credit
  • Predatory lending
  • Calculation of gross and as well as net monthly income
  • Money management
  • Determining monthly expenses
  • Proper financial record keeping
  • Distinguishing between needs and wants
  • Smart shopping tips
  • Maintaining sufficient insurance coverage
  • Saving for periodic expenses, emergencies and goals
  • Identifying sources, types and credit costs
  • Identifying warning signs of debts that are unmanageable
  • Exploring other alternatives to use credit
  • Understanding your credit report and credit score
  • Adjusting income and expenses
  • Management of a checking account

This course is only offered to individuals who have already filed for bankruptcy. In order to enroll for this course, one must produce his case number. In addition, this course can be completed at the comfort of your home or class. Bankruptcy Pre-Discharge Course address financial literacy issues that gives you the required tools to prevent financial problems in future.

It takes approximately 2 hours for the course to be completed. Students will be able to take short questions after reading the material throughout the self study. Consumers are required by law to spend appropriate amount of time on the internet studying the material so as to ensure high quality education. As soon as this insolvency course is completed, your bankruptcy foreclosure course certificate will be generated and emailed in less than 24 business hours.

You can also find credit counselors through live chat sessions to help you with answering your queries. You will be assisted by trained specialists who are certified in accordance with NFCC (National Foundation for Credit Counseling) standards. These specialists have long years of experience in financial education and counseling.


If you are planning to file for bankruptcy protection, you are required to get credit counseling from an organization that is approved by the government in less than 180 days before filling. You must also undergo a Bankruptcy Pre-Discharge Course before your debts are discharged


Bankruptcy Pre-Discharge Course and support will enable consumers to be much more prepared than ever to overcome their bankruptcy, get their bankruptcy certificate and re-establish their financial future. Thousands of bankrupt individuals have undergone this course and emerged stronger than ever before and have regained their previous financial status.